Music course: Under 15 years (out of organisationstatus)

Preparatory study: 15 years and older

Main study: 16 years and older



Apply any time for the admission by filling out the application-form. The applicant will receive an invitation to the admission exam at a convenient date and will have to pay the examination fee.




  • Theoretical part




Scales (major - minor)

    - Hearing Test    
    - Rhythmic dictation    
  • Practical part
            For instrumentalists: - A technical piece (Etude)    
    - At least 2-3 pieces from different periods (baroque, classicism, romanticism, modern) that match the current level of the candidate.    
            For singers: - 3 pieces (songs, arias, oratorios) of free choice, solo or with piano accompaniment for a minimum duration of 15 minutes.    



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  • Aufnahmepr├╝fung

    Entrance examination


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